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The year 1917 saw great changes in the course of the war; Major German successes

in the east contributed to two revolutions in Russia which meant that German

forces could concentrate more fully on the Western Front. However in April the USA declared war on Germany meaning new ships, troops, supplies and weapons were helping the allies on the Western Front.


Outside Europe, Allied forces were increasingly in control. By mid-1917, British forces were once again in control of Baghdad and Jerusalem at the expense of the Ottoman Empire. At sea, submarine warfare was intensified and British food reserves ran dangerously low which led to the use of rationing of meat, butter, lard, margarine and sugar as well supply ships travelling in groups with military escorts.


1917 was also a year that signalled the beginning of social change as developments on the Home Front led to the formation of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps was formed placing women into the heat of warfare in a military sense for the first time.

WWI The Great War 1917

  • John Anderson

  • Jeff Hodges

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