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If the 60’s was the decade that gave birth to modern pop music then it was the 70’s that had it all - from bubble-gum to disco to hard rock. When else could you see Donny Osmond, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, and Thin Lizzy all on the same edition of Top of the Pops? In this series we have gone into the archive to dig out glam rock classics from T Rex and Roxy Music, great rock performances from the likes of Status Quo and Tom Petty and the emerging new wave and punk sounds of The Damned and The Jam. Every programme includes newsreel from the time, together with facts and information about the artists and the songs. Some amazing times and some amazing performances...

Sounds of the 70's My Sharona

  • Jason Fenwick

  • Status Quo, Tom Petty, The Jam

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