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Three 2020 released War films in one triple box:


The Eastern Front – Point of No Return

A dwindling group of German soldier's battle to return to their lines on the harsh Eastern Front.


We Go in at Dawn

When a high-ranking war planner is captured and held in a German prisoner of war camp, a team of specialists take on the dangerous mission of trying to break him out. Trouble is, he doesn't want to be rescued.


Behind the Line – Escape to Dunkirk

Occupied France, 1940. A Nazi Commander discovers one of his prisoners, Danny, is a champion boxer. He forces him to fight for his company's entertainment. But the POWs realise they can use these contests, as cover for an audacious breakout. Their fate and freedom may all come down to how long Danny can keep fighting.

A World at War Collection

  • Kelvin Fletcher, Sam Gittins, Mhairi Calvey
  • Various
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